Creating a conversation between art and gastronomy, the Cícero Bistrot has been developed to be an ode to essential Brazilian modernist art and signature Mediterranean-inspired cuisine influenced by luso-Brazilian ingredients. The biggest inspiration for our restaurant-gallery comes from the work of Cícero Dias, one of the most expressive Brazilian modernist painters that forged his career in Paris, from where his works charmed the world. We are also greatly influenced by the Parisian stained glass artist Marianne Peretti, the only female to form part of the team responsible for building Brasilia, the capital of Brazil and a worldwide modernist landmark.

Our gallery exhibits works carefully selected, over the last quarter of a century, by the collector and co-owner Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo, whose passion for art flourished at Cícero Bistrot, as it offered an opportunity to share his personal collection with the world. The pieces are exquisitely displayed alongside unique pieces of furniture, whilst also connecting with elements of the menu.

The flavours, aromas and textures of the dishes are designed to be the perfect extension of the artistic elements on display. So is our drinks menu, which seeks to enhance wines of a distinctive character.