References for Cícero Bistrot’s art gallery include the colours and shapes of Cícero Dias, modernist artist and representative of an avant-garde Brazil, and the shapes of the stained glass windows of the Parisian artist, Marianne Peretti.

The collection of 21 works is displayed across three themed rooms, all of which provide different immersive experiences.

The first ambience is the “Salão Modernista Cícero e Marianne” (‘Cícero & Marianne Modernist Room’), a homage to Cícero Dias and Marianne Peretti, whilst also replicating a typical 1940s and 1950s French bistro. With allusive artwork, and a small terrace overlooking Lisbon’s famous trams, the lounge welcomes you to the sensory experience of Cícero Bistrot.

The concept of a portal to the world of Brazilian modernist art is reinforced by a stained-glass window by Marianne Peretti, one of the main pieces found in this exhibition. Furthermore, there is a canvas oil painting, dating from the 1970s, and a collection of eight lithographs by Cícero Dias, created in honour of the 50th anniversary of the book Casa Grande & Senzala, written by the great Brazilian sociologist Gilberto Freyre.

The “Salão Contemporâneo” (‘Contemporary Room’) is a showroom dedicated to fine French cuisine. Filled with contemporary paintings, the room highlights two canvas oil paintings by Sidnei Tendler and Félix Farfan, both of which were produced in the 1990s. Also on display in this room are canvas oil paintings by Bruno Vilela and Kilian Glasner and a collage by Paulo Bruscky, all created in the first decades of the 2000s.

Located in a private room, the “Salão Referências Populares do Brasil” (‘Room of Popular Brazilian Culture’) is dedicated to regional works. With a wooden carving representing characters from Northeastern Brazilian folklore, by artist Cariri, this third space has an enthusiastic tone and works as a catalyst of the Northeastern imaginary. The room also features a canvas oil painting by Lula Cardoso Ayres, displaying women from the state of Bahia, a wooden engraving by Samico, produced in the 1980s, as well as two lithographs by João Câmara.


Salão Modernista Cícero e Marianne (Ground Floor)

Salão Contemporâneo (Basement 1)

Salão Referências Populares do Brasil (Basement 2)