Here, we celebrate inspiring meetings and conversations framed by modernist and contemporary Brazilian art that dialogues with a specially designed menu, bringing French, Portuguese, and Brazilian ingredients to our signature Mediterranean-inspired cuisine.

The dishes’ flavors, aromas, and textures were conceived to be the perfect extension of the elements of the art exhibited. Portuguese Chef Hugo Cortez designed our menu, which has been executed with Brazilian passion by Luciano Medeiros since our opening in July 2022.

Our primary reference is the work of Cicero Dias, one of the most expressive Brazilian modernist painters who built his career in Paris and enchanted the world with his artworks. Our space also has the artistic influence of the Parisian stained-glass artist Marianne Peretti, the only woman to be part of the team responsible for the construction of Brasilia, the capital of Brazil and a world modernist landmark. Our special dish is a tribute to a piece from Picasso, a close friend of Cicero Dias.

The collector and owner of Cicero Bistrot, Paulo Dalla Nora Macedo, carefully selected the art on display for over a quarter of a century. This artistic combination and passion for aesthetics were finally found in Cicero Bistrot, the opportunity to share this private collection and inspire encounters.