Cícero Bistrot celebrates one year of exploring the dialogue between art and gastronomy in Lisbon

Art and gastronomy, two distinct forms of creative expression, have long shared a profound connection. Their harmonious dialogue transcends cultural boundaries and allows us to simultaneously experience the world through multiple senses.

Art can inspire and evoke emotions, transporting us to different worlds and perspectives. Similarly, gastronomy is an art form where artisan chefs use ingredients as their canvas to craft flavors, textures, and presentations that ignite our taste buds and leave a lasting impression.

At Cicero Bistrot, art and gastronomy unite to form a dynamic collaboration that elevates the gastronomy experience in Lisbon to out-of-the-ordinary heights.

As each painting from our passionately curated—over twenty-five years—private collection can tell a story, our meticulously plated dish can narrate a culinary journey.

The vibrant colors, intricate details, and captivating compositions found in the artworks of the Brazilian modernist master Cicero Dias, Picasso’s close friend, have inspired our chef, Hugo Cortez, influencing his creative process and guiding his culinary choices. We use both art forms to celebrate a real history of a fight for freedom, beauty, and liberty that connects Lisbon to France and Brazil.

As we explore the dialogue between art and gastronomy, we discover a realm where boundaries blur, creativity knows no limits, and every dish and artwork becomes a canvas for expression.

Our ingredients choices also have a purpose, like the Yonomami Amazon chocolate.

We invite you to indulge in the extraordinary, savor the symphony of flavors, and appreciate the visual feast before us. So, let’s embark on this captivating journey, where art and gastronomy intertwine, igniting our senses and inspiring our souls.

A visit to Cicero Bistrot offers much more than food to the body. It nurtures the spirit because it is passionate and genuine, like the pieces in our art collection and the history we help to tell.

Watch our short film with awarded Brazilian actor Chico Diaz in a moving performance about this journey to know more (English subtitles):